Queen Elizabeth II to be Removed from Bahamian 100 Dollar Bill

The Bahamian government is removing the image of Queen Elizabeth II from their 100 dollar bill and replacing it with former governor-general Arthur Dion Hanna, who recently passed.

According to Loop Caribbean News, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis recently made this announcement and was supported by Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis and AD Hanna’s family. Hanna was a Deputy Prime Minister and Cabinet Minister in the Bahamas who was instrumental in the country attaining majority rule and independence. So honoring his legacy is imperative.

In a statement given by Arthur Dion Hanna’s family, the following was advised:

“Our father would have been humbled and reluctant to be the recipient of such an honour.”

“His service was above self. He was unequivocal in his belief that no Bahamian should be as interlopers at home or abroad in the common quest. We thank the people of The Bahamas for allowing AD Hanna to serve. We thank the government for recognising his contribution to the birth and development of the Bahamian nation.”

These are the types of stories that I like to see regarding African people and us diasporans. Positive strides are continually being made.

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Photo Credit: Loop Caribbean News

Baptiste, D. (2021, August 12). The Bahamas to replace image of Queen Elizabeth on 100 dollar bill. Loop Caribbean News. https://tt.loopnews.com/content/government-replace-portrait-queen-elizabeth-100-dollar-bill-4. 


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