Mali Protests Demanding the Exile of French Troops

Protests against the French’s military presence in Bamako, Mali, are making headlines.

According to Africa News, activists in Mali are demanding the removal of French troops from the country. The protests were organized by the political group Yerewolo Debouts sur les remparts, and the demonstration came after 12 German troops were wounded following an attack on soldiers taking part in a U.N. mission in Mali. Peacekeepers were wounded when their base of operations was targeted with a vehicle bomb. Germany is stated to have hundreds of troops taking part in U.N. stabilization and European Union training missions in West Africa.

Local resident Bakary Coulibaly stated the following:

“I would be so happy, like at a party, if France quit Mali today. Really. Ever since we trusted them with our security, everything has become worse.”

A spokesperson from the protest organizers, Pape Diallo, advised the following:

“There are injured Germans, that has saddened us because Germany here is not seen as an occupying force. But they are being manipulated by the French, in fact. Germany came here with good intentions to protect us from terrorists, but today they find themselves inside the Machiavellian schemes of France.”

There’s way too much cognitive dissonance in this story for me to get excited. So, unless I’m misinterpreting things, this protest was in defense of Germany, who are just as problematic as France, and not sovereignty? The fact that Mali trusted anyone other than their own citizens with their country’s security further proves how backward the continent is with its politics.

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Photo Credit: Financial Times

Mali: Protesters call for French troops to leave, some call for greater Russia cooperation. Africa News. (2021, June 26). 


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