Zimbabwe Miners vs. Chinese Nationals

In a previous post, I advised that many on the African continent are saying, “enough is enough.” No more disrespect, no more talking. And additional news coming out of Zimbabwe further supports that sentiment.

According to the Centre for Natural Resource Governance (CNRG), four Chinese nationals got into a physical altercation with artisanal miners over mining rights outside Mutare, Zimbabwe. The fight took place at the Premier Estate, where artisanal miners were working when Chinese nationals brought an excavator, claiming that they had a permit to mine. This angered the miners, who then called on their colleagues and attacked the nationals with crowbars, picks, and shovels. One of the Chinese men sustained three broken ribs, and another lost his finger; the conditions of the remaining two are unknown.

Six of the miners were arrested but have been granted a $3,000 bail.

The hostility between the miners and Chinese nationals at this site has been brewing since November 2020, when the nationals used an excavator to fill a mine shaft where several miners were working. This incident caused the death of an unknown number of miners.

I sincerely hope that more hands get laid on Chinese nationals who come to the continent and disrespect its locals; this is long overdue. Now, if we can only get Africa’s leadership to get on board, real changes will be made.

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Photo Credit: Global Press Journal

Mlevu, S. (2021, February 10). ARTISANAL MINERS CLASH WITH CHINESE MINERS AT PREMIER ESTATE, MUTARE. Retrieved February 22, 2021, from https://www.cnrgzim.org/artisanal-miners-clash-with-chinese-miners-at-premier-estate-mutare/


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