Zimbabwe Deports Chinese Miner

China’s disrespect of the African continent has been highlighted several times throughout this blog. Well, it looks like many are finally saying, “enough is enough.”

According to Bulawayo 24 News, Chinese miner Zhang Zhongyi, who was recorded assaulting his employees in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, has been ordered to leave the country. Bulawayo magistrate Mr. Stephen Ndhlovu charged Zhongyi for unlawfully and intentionally remaining in Zimbabwe as well as assaulting two employees over unpaid salaries. Ndhlovu advised that Zhongyi deserved a harsh punishment and fined him $5,000 before ordering him to leave.

The court found that Zhang Zhongyi’s entry certificate, which was issued at the Robert Mugabe International Airport on November 12, 2020, expired on December 12. He intentionally stayed in Zimbabwe, failing to inform the Chief Immigration Officer about his certificate. Due to COVID-19, Zhongyi is being held at Harare’s remand prison until deportation.

Salute to Mr. Ndhlovu, but I do have a question: How did this clown gain mining managerial rights?

Chinese nationals should NOT have this much power on the continent.

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Photo Credit: Rhodesia Times

Violent Chinese miner deported from Zimbabwe. (2021, February 03). Retrieved February 15, 2021, from https://bulawayo24.com/index-id-news-sc-national-byo-198844.html


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  1. Theodore Robbins says:

    The same way they gain access anywhere even in the US, which is money makes people overlook a lot of rules and regulations.

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