Kevin Samuels Chats With Tommie Lee

In a previous post, I came to image consultant and life/style coach Kevin Samuel’s defense, arguing that although his consultations may seem harsh, the message is still needed. Well, I recently watched a back and forth between Samuels and Love and Hip Hop Atlanta personality Tommie Lee, and I had to share my thoughts.

Throughout this surprisingly good dialogue, Samuels unpacks why he delivers his message a certain way to some of his female clients: it’s the only way to get it across.

As stated before, Kevin Samuels is very much an advocate for restoring the Black nuclear family in America. He understands the social/political issues that our community faces, as well as the hardened shell that many Black men and women wear as a protective mask. To break through that, he chooses a culturally relevant delivery and a message that’s unwanted but respected by his followers.

What I enjoyed the most about the conversation was Lee’s vulnerability midway and towards the end. Many may be surprised at her softer side, especially if you base your perception solely on what’s been shown on television, but I wasn’t. Those with the hardest edge tend to have the biggest hearts, and it was refreshing to see that throughout the dialogue. This is something Black men need to see more of from Black women in order to heal and reconnect.

I’ve stated before that Kevin Samuels is not the enemy, and I meant it. He’s needed in today’s time, and I wish him continued success.

For more information, check out his official website. You can also stay connected with him on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Photo Credit: Pinterest

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