Liberia Asks the United States for Help?

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Independent Media Personality Dr. Mumbi Seraki has been unapologetic about calling out puppet leadership throughout the African continent. And a recent story coming out of Liberia justifies everything that’s been said.

The following information is from DW.

Four Liberian tax officials, three who worked for the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) and one who was the Lead of the Internal Audit Agency (IAA), were found dead within a month. This case has sparked rumors of an assassination campaign that targets revenue collectors who are tackling corruption throughout the country.

IAA Director-General Emmanuel Barten Nyeswua was conducting an audit of Liberia’s COVID-19 relief funds and studying financial statements of the National Ports Authority at the time of his death. The National Security-General of the Opposition Unity Party, Mohammed Ali, believes Nyeswua’s work, along with that of the three tax officials, put their lives in danger. He advised the following:

“We have heard information emerging that these victims had finished audit reports that would have been very damaging to certain parastatals of government.”

“Already, there’s no transparency and accountability. Auditors are now afraid to do their work, and it’s just going to give more room to the total lack of accountability. People are just going to do what they think they can do to enrich themselves.”

Liberia’s President, George Weah, has now turned to the United States to help with the investigation and has received backlash for it. Adam Dempster, the Secretary-General of the Human Rights Advocacy Platform of Liberia, argued that turning to the U.S. shows how weak Liberia’s institutions are. He stated the following:

“This just tells us that the government’s arm of investigation is not effective and that there’s mistrust among law enforcement bodies.”

“As civil society, we call on the government to set up an independent body comprising of different institutions that will come out with a very credible investigation into these deaths.”

President Weah reaching out to the United States is nonsensical to me. This is an in-house issue, so bringing in outsiders, who are going to expect some form of reciprocity, will only lead to more dependency from the country—which will lead to more disrespect for the continent.

To check out the full article, click here. If you have any additional information, feel free to comment below.

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