Fatal Affair

Greetings Folks,

I recently watched Netflix’s Fatal Affair and had to share my thoughts. Before we get started, check out the following trailer if you haven’t seen it already.

Directed by Peter Sullivan, Fatal Affair stars Nia Long, Omar Epps, and Stephen Bishop.

After a one-night fling with a college classmate, Elle Warren (Long) decides to mend her fractured marriage with her husband, Marcus (Bishop). However, she soon realizes that her actions and rejection towards her classmate, David Hammond (Epps), comes with a dangerous price.

Nia Long and Omar Epp’s star power fueled my initial optimism for watching this film, but after about 25 minutes in, I knew it was going to be a flop. Offensively comical is the only way to describe it. It’s bad enough that the crazed, unrequited lover storyline has been an overused trope in Black cinema for years; When the Bough Breaks, The Perfect Guy, and Obsessed. But insulting your audience with rushed pacing, stale chemistry, and unappealing characters makes things much worse.

The backstory of Elle and Marcus’s relationship, particularly its downfall, wasn’t unpacked enough to make Elle’s affair anything worth having; David’s obsession with Elle wasn’t convincing and was oddly paced; the chemistry between the main characters was almost non-existent, considering the supposed-depth of their relationships; and the “climactic” fight sequence made me wonder if this film was a Keenan Ivory Wayans spoof or not.

The beachfront scenery was nice to look at and the nostalgia of seeing two of my favorite 90s stars together was refreshing, but that was about it.

Grade of D

Until Next Time…

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