Online Salute

Greetings All,

As I’ve stated before in several posts, spotlighting bloggers, vloggers, and other independent media outlets who offer substantial content is imperative; mainly because so many of us are craving creativity nowadays. So Honest Media would like to give an online salute to YouTube personalities De’arra and Ken.

De’arra and Ken are a couple who showcase different aspects of their relationship online. They compete in several challenges, play pranks on each other, participate in Q&A sessions, story times, and etc. The fact that they have two distinct personalities not only balances their relationship, but it also adds to a very charismatic union. And some of their activities are just hilarious.

I’ve spent about a good hour laughing at this couple. For more information, check out their official YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please be sure to subscribe and support.

Until Next Time…

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