Time Machine

Do you see that SWAGnificent baby boy in the sandbox? That’s yours truly.

As a continuation of my previous post, I couldn’t just reminisce on one visual of my childhood and not look at the others. So let’s just go back in time for a little bit.



My favorite cartoon in the history of cartoons

And Hey Arnold held the #2 spot

When Nickelodeon gave kids their own Saturday Night Live

When Saturday Night Live had some real competition

And Kenan & Kel were their own comedy act

But Martin was a trendsetter by himself

When Steve Urkel chased after Laura for almost a decade but had Myra by his side; idiot

When Tim Burton took Batman to another level

When Harry & Marv didn’t take notes the first time

I still haven’t mastered this dance.

Or learned how to hit this note

When Sega Genesis blessed me with Aladdin

And then Playstation introduced me to Metal Gear Solid

When I learned about Black Love

Then I met my first love…

When the family got back together

When Michael Jordan scored the winning point

When I thought that Bill Belamy was really a puppet

When Hip Hop music had testosterone

And cliques

But you still had fun listening to it

When UPN had the best sitcoms

When Denzel Washington saved his son

And Nick Cannon saved the squad from taking another L

There’s more, but I can only think of a fraction of them at the moment. Share some of yours in the comment section.

Until Next Time…


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