Ms. Hill


Greetings Good People,

Have you ever heard the phrase, “you’ll understand when you get older”? My parents used to say that to me all the time, and I hated it. But now that I’m an adult, everything they told me back then just makes so much sense now. And the same can be said when it comes to describing the essence that is Lauryn Hill.

I didn’t know how impactful she was and still is until I started experiencing some of the truths in her messages. I don’t describe her as an artist or even a musical icon, she’s a scholar. She’s educated and humbled so many people with just her words that folks are still referencing the knowledge that she was spreading at age 19 let alone from her adult years.

I just recently re-listened to The Miseducation of Lauryn Hilland I’m convinced that she is still unaware of the power of that album. The track “To Zion,” for example, left me at a loss for words because, as a man, she educated me on the unconditional love and connection that a mother has for her child while they’re still in her womb. And that’s something that men need to hear because it solidifies the power and beauty of a woman that’s unappreciated and overlooked daily.

I’m writing this post just to show some love to a talent that is lightyears ahead of her time. Although I would like to hear another album, the work that she’s already done is untouchable.

Much respect to you, Ms. Hill.

“You give us hope, you give us faith, you the one. They don’t like what you got to say but still they beg you to come.”

Talib Kweli


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  1. Theodore says:

    At least you are starting to get some of which that has been taught to you since toddler age.

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    1. Those dots are starting to connect, Unc. It’s euphoric, to say the least!


  2. kris P says:

    indeed MS. Hill was well beyond her years in talent, in rheotic and in mental stability. What is surprising to me, is the lack of appreciation, artist( using that word loosely) of today seem to give the ability to effect and AFFECT so many and for so long of a time frame. Artist like Hill, like the infamous Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, and Nina Wright, used their the power of music to influence positive change, that spands over years. Nowadays, one hit wonders is what the artist strives for with no regard to the impact that is leaves. Yes my parents would tell me wait till you get older to understand. They never knew how right they were when it came to the impact of URBAN music.

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