What If…

“My richness is life, forever.”


The clip you just saw was from a 60 Minute Special in 1979, which featured reggae singer/songwriter Bob Marley. As positive as his message was, I can honestly say that I’m still uncertain about the riches of life. I, like most of my peers, have been trained to work hard in order to be successful. This message is prevalent every time I speak to my coworkers, talk to my parents, turn on the television, or even look online. Society tells me all the time that I have to reach a certain level of success in order to experience a rich and fulfilled life. But is that living life or is that just living in order to accomplish a goal? And why is there a goal that needs to be accomplished if I’m supposed to be living life?

Sometimes I feel like I’m inside a machine and not a world that merits those riches that Bob Marley made reference to. It feels like every time I clock in/clock out for work, pay a bill, buy groceries, or gas up my car just to do those previous three, I’m fueling the machine that I’m living in so that it will keep running. We all are. But when that cycle becomes too repetitive, it leaves me with a lot of random questions.

What if all of that were to change? What if the creator were to tell us all to “start over” and live in a world without capitalism? What if I didn’t have to reach a certain status level in order to feel valued by folks I don’t know yet try to impress? What if there was no such thing as “giving back to the community” because we all lived in the same community? What if you didn’t have to worry about the well-being of your children because you never had to worry about your well-being? What if formal education wasn’t an expense but a luxury that everyone could have? What if you didn’t have to spend so much money on the property or medical insurance that protects you from an accident that never happens? What if there were natural remedies to illnesses instead of a medication used to cover up the last medication that didn’t fix the problem? What if we all were happy? Like, genuinely happy. What if you didn’t have to tell your subconscious that “today is going to be a good day” in order to have a good day? What if there was no jealousy or insecurity because we all were the same? What if there wasn’t such a thing as “the haves and the have-nots” because we all had enough? What if you didn’t have to tell them that you “love them” because love wasn’t a word, just an action? What if we weren’t stressed or depressed about our future because the present was all that mattered? What if I didn’t have to ask these questions and this life existed?

I don’t consider myself an overtly spiritual individual, but I am a firm believer that we all were put on this earth for a reason and it can’t be to live inside a machine. There has to be a reason why we think the way that we think, act the way that we act and have gone through the things that we’ve gone through. Is it to prepare us for those riches? Or have we already seen those riches? The riches of life has to be deeper and valued more than a credential or even money because money isn’t rich.

Writing this sounds so good in theory but it would be great if I could experience this and truly see the value in nature and people without looking through them as if they were another commodity. What if I can? If I can’t physically, then what about mentally or spiritually? Are we able to make a mental or spiritual connection that can expose the true jewels of life? Is that what Bob Marley meant when he made reference to those riches?

So many questions, what if I knew the answers?

Until Next Time…


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