Gone Too Soon…

Greetings Folks,

I’m going to make this brief. The recent passing of Singer/Songwriter/Instrumentalist Prince made me reminisce about some of the greats that we’ve lost way too soon. I think we all long to have a peaceful passing that consists of growing old and laying comfortably in our bed without any pain, heartache, or discomfort. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. And when a respected public figure passes, it tends to hurt just as bad as the passing of a family member due to the love and admiration that a lot of us have for their work.

In this post, I just want to pay my respects and show love to some entertainers who left a mark in their perspective fields and who did it with nothing but their God-Given talent. Here are some videos that showcase some of my favorite moments and pieces from their work.


2Pac – September 13, 1996


Biggie Smalls – March 9, 1997


Big Pun – February 7, 2000


Aaliyah – August 25, 2001


Left Eye – April 25, 2002


Barry White – July 4, 2003


Luther Vandross – July 1, 2005


Heath Ledger – January 22, 2008


Bernie Mac – August 9, 2008


Michael Jackson – June 25, 2009


Heavy D – November 8, 2011


Whitney Houston – February 11, 2012


Paul Walker – November 30, 2013


James Avery (Uncle Phil) – December 31, 2013


Robin Williams – August 11, 2014


Natalie Cole – December 31, 2015


Prince – April 21, 2016

These talents will always be missed…Rest In Peace!


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