R&B Music, PLEASE Come Back!

Disclaimer: If you’re a fan of today’s music and you’re not interested in a subjective opinion about what music used to sound like, then don’t read any further.

Greetings All,

I went on a mini road trip this past weekend and I had some time to think about a few things. Whenever I travel I must have fruit, plenty of water, and a smooth playlist to take my mind off of how crappy the drive is (I hate driving longer than 4 hours). My playlist typically consists of R&B and Hip Hop music, but mostly R&B because I love to hear smooth harmonies. On my way back from my destination I happened to turn my Pandora station to Next and that’s when it happened. The stars aligned in my favor and I was blessed to hear a genre of music that I don’t get to hear on a regular basis, 90s R&B.

I’m an 80s baby (1987), so I don’t condescend like I know what it was like growing up and listening to classic Rhythm and Blues from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. But 90s R&B can compete with the classics from that time period.

Oh, you don’t think so? Friendly Reminder:

I could look at videos like those all day and not get tired of them. 90s R&B music was a genre within a genre that mastered the art of storytelling through song. Point blank, it was just an epic time period for Rhythm and Blues. But it’s sad that R&B music since then hasn’t progressed, it’s just disappeared/dissolved into pop music. I’m not a musician but I am a fan of music that has substance, honesty, and credibility; traits that used to define this genre, but not anymore. I’m confused at how songs about love, happiness, and heartbreak got replaced with songs about drugs, superficiality, and having adult relations in the back seat of a car that you don’t own.

Seriously, can someone explain the reasoning behind that? I can barely think of a handful of singers who’ve come out within the past 5 years that make music the way that artists back in the “good ole days” made music. But I don’t blame them, the medium has changed. I just wonder if that style of music will ever come back again?

So, to the Powers-That-Be, please bring R&B music back to the forefront. If you don’t believe me when I tell you that it’s a genre that’s deeply missed, then just go to the comment section of the videos that I posted and you’ll see what I mean.

Until next time…

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  1. N. Russell says:

    Now you are talking my language. When I take road trips I need artists like Luther, Lakeside, Commodores, Heavy D to make my trip more adventurous. Please bring back R&B….

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    1. Mom, what do you know about Luther? That’s for us grown folks!


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